Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Pancreas

The Pancreas is one of the two "neutral" characters in Pettyland, owing allegiance to neither the conscious or subconscious mind. The Pancreas has been the character that has changed the most over the years. Originally, its goal was random, but this meant that the other characters didn't have a specific, meaningful way of interacting with it, so that goal changed. Its goal then became to "eat" face-up cards on the board, which caused interesting conflict with the other players, but slowed the game down too much. So here it is again, with a brand new ability and goal -- simply to fight the other characters using standard combat (also known as a "Balls Brawl" in Pettyland). 

No other character in the game specifically focuses on this task, so it should be interesting to explore. Also, its new Bi-Polarity special ability can be used to help or hurt many of the other characters, so it should create some interesting potential for alliances/enemies.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Super Sauce

This is a lil' painting I did for the Moonslyvania show at Van Eaton Galleries, which opened last night. Its small (8.5"x11"); gouache and pencil on printmaking paper. Its a tribute show to Jay Ward, so I did a Super Chicken image! Check all of the pieces out here: